Our Mission

Empowering the Animal Health Industry

Our mission is to help companies and organizations in the animal health industry thrive with customizable online solutions that optimize communications, maximize efficiency and improve profitability. Our mission is supported by our core values and is foundational to everything we do for our clients, our partners, our communities and the animal health industry worldwide.


About LifeLearn

In the ongoing process of defining, shaping and advancing LifeLearn’s core focus, we’ve come to understand that our roots go deeper than just providing education and information solutions. Today, we’re driven by the concept of knowledge leadership.

Where We Came From

LifeLearn’s history began as part of the Ontario Veterinary College’s continuing education department at the University of Guelph. In 1994, after the department had closed, our founders teamed up to keep the popular courses going, and to evolve them using cutting-edge technologies. Our early days were devoted to delivering continuing education programs for veterinarians across North America. Our initial goal was to help veterinarians keep up to date with medical and surgical knowledge and skills through distance learning (e-learning) technologies. Our first location was the historic MacNabb House. Although we’ve outgrown the building since then, Guelph remains our home.

MacNabb House University of Guelph

Where We Are

As a hub for technology, innovation and excellence in animal health, Guelph is the ideal setting and community for our company, our people and our focus. Over time, we’ve expanded our offerings to encompass solutions for veterinary practices, as well as companies and non-profit organizations in the animal health industry. This has included delivering education resources for veterinary teams and pet owners; helping veterinary teams with online marketing, client communications, and business optimization tools; and providing leading technologies and best practices that enhance bottom-line results and improve pet healthcare outcomes.

Where We're Going

Today, we’re driven by the concept of knowledge leadership, towards helping like-minded individuals and animal health companies who share our values leverage the ongoing investments they make in research, education and information technology. Together we strive to strengthen the value of knowledge by truly seeing it realizedWe invite you to join us on this journey of discovery. The LifeLearn Brand Promise: To help people and organizations in the animal health field.

How We Work Together

The LifeLearn Core Values serve as our guiding framework for leadership, discussion and partnership. They act as a universal code of ethics for every person in our company and provide the criteria for selecting the companies and organizations with whom we partner. They inspire our teams, empower our innovation and reflect our dedication to excellence.

LifeLearn Partnerships

In the creation and evolution of our solutions for veterinary practices, industry and pet service businesses, we rely on partnerships with organizations and professionals who share our values and are dedicated to advancing animal health.

LifeLearn Core Values

Our core values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we value—both our leadership and team members. They create the foundation for everything we do for our clients, our partners, our communities and the animal health industry worldwide.

LifeLong Learning

Never Stop Growing We see each day as an opportunity to learn from our own actions, from collaboration and from the people whom we serve. We strive toward improvement in everything we undertake, for ourselves and our clients, and both value and celebrate the long-term gains we achieve together.


Mutually Beneficial Relationships We understand that the success of our clients and partners is our success too, which is why we reward the freedom and trust we’ve been given with results and accountability. We see our clients and partners as an extension of the LifeLearn team.


The Strength of Listening Sometimes we learn more by listening to the ideas and perspectives of others, rather than just sharing our own. This receptiveness to new considerations, innovations and solutions ensures the best experiences and outcomes from our work together.


Embracing Balance LifeLearn understands that wisdom involves more than the ability to develop and deliver education, communication and technology solutions to help veterinary practices, industry and pet service businesses reach their goals. It’s also the wisdom to recognize, value and cultivate caring relationships and partnerships built on trust.


Caring Is a Powerful Force We know that empathy generates the kind of insights that have the greatest impact on our workplace, our products and our clients and partners.


A Living, Dynamic Culture We appreciate, honor and celebrate diversity in people, knowledge, ideas and experiences. We expand on this by listening to our clients and partners and considering all perspectives to help move ideas forward.


Boundless Wonder and Curiosity We encourage and empower our team to seek out new sources of inspiration and look beyond their specialization, education and training in considering new ideas. Curiosity and wonder help propel innovation, which enriches our growth, the solutions we deliver to clients and partners, and the animal health marketplace.


Creating Healthy Environments We believe that the right people, information and technology can achieve purposeful and positive change, that animals make the world a happier and healthier place, and that investing in our people and communities helps to create a more sustainable planet and society.


Enthusiasm and Proactivity We’re always looking to simplify rather than complicate. Processes are important, but we don’t let process become an obstacle on the path of progress or in creating unique solutions for our clients and partners.

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