After-Hours Telehealth Support


Improve patient care and increase appointments

Pet owners have important and even critical pet health concerns outside of your practice’s hours of operation. If your practice is closed, there are few options between the unreliability of Dr. Google and the costly inconvenience of visiting the emergency animal hospital. PetNurse fills this gap.

Working as an extension of your veterinary practice, PetNurse provides your clients with instant after-hours triage support to give pet owners safe, appropriate, and timely assessments of their pets’ health.

Veterinary Nurses at PetNurse’s call center use trusted Clinical Protocols to evaluate the severity of the situation, determine urgency, and specify clear next steps

Boost client retention

On average, roughly 2/3 of PetNurse triage outcomes do not require urgent treatment. Often, the pet owner can request an appointment over the phone and bring their pet in during normal practice hours. This helps eliminate unnecessary trips to the emergency hospital, which reduces costs, stress, and inconvenience for your clients and their pets while at the same time increasing appointments and retention for your practice—without the cost of hiring additional staff or extending hours of operation.

Return on investment

In addition to the retention and loyalty that comes with offering your clients 24/7 peace of mind for their pet health concerns, PetNurse provides your practice with Monthly Call Reports. These reports include call types, pet health triage decisions, and an estimated ROI Summary so you can track and measure the added value of PetNurse.

Trusted solution

All calls are handled by RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) Registered Veterinary Nurses. All nurses have a minimum of 3 years practical experience and many hold advanced qualifications. All nurses receive extensive and ongoing training on the use of Clinical Protocols, which are used to provide high-quality and consistent triage decisions. In over 15 years of operation, our PetNurse partner, VetsDirect, has successfully conducted over 1 million consultations.

  • If a pet concern is non-urgent, nurses can email appointment requests to your practice or fill out your online Appointment Request Forms directly through your LifeLearn WebDVM website or ALLYDVM links.

If a situation is urgent, they can refer them to the emergency animal hospital associated with your practice or, if applicable, transfer them to your on-call emergency veterinarian

  • If a pet concern isn’t urgent, nurses can advise pet owners to make a next- day appointment with your practice or book an appointment directly if you have a WebDVM website with our calendar connector.
  • If a situation is urgent, they can advise pet owners to visit your practice right away or an after-hours emergency clinic associated with your practice.
  • If pet owners are just looking for general information like your clinic’s hours of operation or want to order pet products, PetNurse can help keep the focus squarely on your practice.

All after-hours calls result in a call summary being sent to your practice for review.

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PetNurse is not a replacement for veterinarian services

PetNurse works in support of and as an extension of your veterinary practice. PetNurse does not treat, diagnose, or prescribe and does not establish Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR). PetNurse is not in any way a substitute for a physical examination by the pet owner’s veterinarian.


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