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LifeLearn Industry Solutions

LifeLearn’s Industry Solutions supports animal health organizations with creative communication tools and education programs and delivers them with unmatched coordination and logistical expertise. By working closely with our clients, we find ways to elevate their brand or organization, enhance education through extension efforts, and strengthen communication with internal teams and external audiences.

Suite of Industry Solutions

What Sets Industry Solutions Apart

LifeLearn Industry Solutions brings 25+ years of familiarity with the animal health industry to every creative deliverable, innovative communication, and logistical solution we provide.

Our sales team has more than 20 years of experience in the animal health industry.

Our creative team, which includes medical writers and biomedical communicators with graduate degrees in scientific writing and medical visualization, has the expertise to transform client resources into effective communications to improve information comprehension and retention.

Our meeting and event coordinators manage 500+ events per year, including many at the largest veterinary conferences in North America. Highly adaptive, our team proactively anticipates challenges and comes prepared to solve problems with seamless solutions.

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LifeLearn’s Industry Solutions distinguishes itself from other agencies through its experience in the veterinary industry, its talented multi-faceted team, and the level of commitment it brings to every business partnership.

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