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Easy to Find. Anytime. Anywhere.

VetFolio provides online continuing education (CE) and resources for the entire veterinary community, anytime, anywhere. Using a modern, mobile-friendly learning management system, the process of finding meaningful CE is made simple, so that you can advance your personal veterinary education goals and the knowledge and skills of your entire veterinary team.


Comprehensive Online Learning

While there are countless online opportunities available, sourcing ones that are current, accredited, offered by credible speakers, and produced by reputable companies takes time. Cost is another factor—not only are live events and conferences time consuming, but they come with the added expense of travel.

As a joint venture of LifeLearn Animal Health and the NAVC, VetFolio provides over 500 hours of webinars, scholarly articles, and podcasts. This means you and your team can upgrade your skill sets with relevant, on-demand education for a fraction of the time and cost of a live event.

Listen and Learn on the Go

For a hospital to remain competitive, veterinary teams need to stay current in their knowledge and skills. This makes ongoing quality CE for veterinarians, nurses and support staff an absolute priority.

With a robust search engine and a modern, mobile-friendly learning management system, finding relevant education—and accessing it on the go—is easier than ever.

VetFolio provides education and resources on a wide range of veterinary topics, from surgical procedures to forensic medicine, exotic animal care to client communication. It houses proceedings and presentations from experts at NAVC’s yearly conference (VMX) and offers certifications in leadership, human-animal bond and nutrition.


Accessible Learning

VetFolio actively responds to the knowledge needs of the industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, VetFolio collected, produced, and released relevant and timely resources to the veterinary community at no cost. This was done with the intent of maximizing dissemination of fact-based information to support hospitals as they made critical business decisions.

By offering CE instruction in visual (e.g. webinar) and audio (e.g. podcast) formats, as well as Spanish language for bilingual professionals, VetFolio aims to make learning accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

NAVC Certifications

The NAVC now offers a new certification-based initiative that focuses on providing veterinary healthcare teams with knowledge and tools to move their practices and mindsets forward.

Offering world-class, highly engaging and market-relevant programs, NAVC Certifications is geared toward veterinary professionals and the veterinary community as a whole. The NAVC has partnered with leading organizations and experts in the veterinary industry to bring to life programs that expand expertise and move practices forward.

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